Academic Options - On Campus

Student Learning Center
The Student Learning Center (SLC) provides an array of services to support students. The SLC is staffed by certified teachers and paraprofessionals who are available to assist students on an individual basis in many of the areas listed below. 

After School Tutoring
SLC staff provides tutoring for students, as needed, on Monday through Thursday after school from 3:00 – 4:00. All students are welcome.

Independent Study
Students may pursue independent coursework through online classes each term to provide additional opportunities to retake classes, make-up classes, or gain additional credit toward graduation. The work is mastery based and self-paced, although there is the expectation that students will make adequate progress toward earning credit.

Study Lab
Per teacher, administrator, counselor, or progress monitor recommendation, students may schedule a class during the school day in the SLC to give students the time and the assistance that they need to pass their other classes.

WorkKeys/Key Train
ACT™ WorkKeys offers three tests: Locating Information, Reading for Information, and Applied Math, that give students the opportunity to assess their workforce readiness skills. There are three levels of competency and a certificate is given to the student to indicate the level they attain. Many employers in the community are familiar with the certificates which may be used to help students obtain employment.

Office Hours : PACK Time
Teachers are available in their classrooms to help 10th through 12th grade students during PACK time which runs from 10:40 – 11:10, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. If a student has a grade below a “C” on Monday mornings, that student has mandatory office hours for the week. 9th graders with low grades, go to Office Hours on Thursday and Friday instead of Advisory. The Office Hours rooms are also available to any student that wants additional time or assistance. 

Content Specific Lab Support (Math, Literacy)
Per teacher, administrator, counselor, or progress monitor, students may have a math or literacy lab scheduled during the school day to support a math or English language arts class.

Saturday School
Saturday school is offered on Saturday mornings from 8:00 – 11:00. Students may be referred to Saturday school by school staff or parents. Students may also elect to attend by their own choice. It provides students with tutoring and the time to complete their classroom course work.

Extended Learning  
At the end of each term, eligible students are given a two week window in which to obtain a level of proficiency in a class taken during the previous term. Proficiency is defined as earning a grade of “C”. Students must have 80% or better attendance, and have earned a minimum grade percentage, as determined by each department, in order to be eligible for Extended Learning. The student is expected to attend after school during the two weeks and to work with the teacher for tutoring help and to complete the necessary assignments to earn a “C”.

Advanced Placement and Honors Courses
To provide students with more rigorous course offerings, a variety of advanced placement and honors courses are offered. Please see Palisade High School Course Guide for specific course offerings and their descriptions.

Key Performance Program
Key Performance is a competency-based program of study designed for non-traditional students, 17 years or older, who are diploma-seeking. Key Performance allows students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills accrued throughout their lives via nine ACT™ WorkKeys tests and nine project portfolios. Students may also complete coursework in the classroom or online to support portfolios and may pursue vocational programs through Career Center or Western Colorado Community College. The goals of the Key Performance program are to graduate students who are qualified in basic academic areas and workplace-related skills, and to ensure success in their preferred career, community college, vocational ecudation, or the military. 

International Baccalaureate Diploma

Please see the International Baccalaureate page.