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Welcome to the Library!

ClassLink is the best place to go for access to all types of resources.  You can access it in the banner on the PHS home page or through the D51 Apps bookmark on all D51 Chromebooks.  
Read eBooks, Magazines, or listen to Audiobooks on your Chromebook

Library Hours: 7:30-3:45
970-254-4800 x25250  INTERNAL LINK Ronda Scroggins
970-254-4800 x25118 INTERNAL LINK Shay Reeves

Please ask us questions; we are happy to help!

To renew books: call, e-mail either of us, renew online (we're happy to teach you how), or stop in with or without the book.

We do ask that everyone act with behavior befitting a Library!!!

There are a lot of places to be noisy in this school. 

The library is not one of them.

Let's respect others' needs for a quiet place to get work done.



     We try to provide the PHS community with curriculum-supporting resources that help promote information literacy and reading for enjoyment.  We are happy to teach you how to borrow resources from other libraries as well. 

Quiet Study Area

     Remember one of the purposes of a library is to provide a quiet space so everyone can get their work done in the most efficient way possible.  That means you can't just see what works best for you and your group.  You must be aware of others in the room.  Unfortunately, most people aren't aware of how loud they are being as sounds carry very easily from one corner of our library to the other.  We can't change the shape of the library easily but we can tone down our voices and tappings.


     We believe that one of Palisade High School's responsibilities is to help you become independent. Therefore, we will encourage you to help yourself to supplies for use in the library and to pick up your own print jobs. With independence comes responsibilities; so, please clean up after yourself and return items. When you leave things in better condition than you found them, others will share much more often.  We also really appreciate those who bite the bullet and help clean up after those who haven't reached that maturity level yet.  

      Being independent also means you aren't afraid to ask questions.  Nobody expects you to know all the answers.  (You surely don't think adults have all the answers, do you?)  We can learn from you just like you can learn from us.

Checkout Rules:

# Books are checked out for two weeks at a time.  At the end of that period, the book should have been returned or contact us to renew it. 

  • If you do not renew, a ten-cent fine is incurred every school day for each book that is overdue.  Overdue books cause unnecessary work: not the most efficient use of labor!  You may always work off your fine by making the library a better place: just ask how.
  • Never check out a book for your friend - if they lose it, you are stuck with the fine.

# Three books can be checked out at one time unless there have been issues then it is usually only one book or you can access our free books.

Computer Rules:

# Everyone does have a username and password, get yours from Mrs. Scroggins. 

  • Where your documents are saved are very specific to the username/password you use.  Each of us have multiple places where documents can be saved; ALWAYS look to see where you are saving items.  
  • If you are having trouble retrieving a file, ask Mrs. Scroggins for help, she can often find it.
  • ALWAYS look to see where you are printing items; there are signs up throughout the library.

# Follow the Technology Policy Rules: JS, JS-R, JS-E or you will be denied use of computers.

# Treat all computers with respect

  • Leave the computers, mice, keyboards, etc. where they are!!!!!
  • If/When there is an issue with a computer, have Mrs. Scroggins look at it.
  • Classes have first rights to use of the computers.

# Mrs. Scroggins can help you set up your personal laptop to access the internet as long as you have turned your RUA (JS-E) in to the Counseling office.  Currently, you can only print to the copiers from the school desktops.

Print Rules:

# Printing uses toner and paper - Please use resources wisely so we don't have to start charging again.

# Only print for school purposes

# Printing Issues - #1 Change Browsers if it says you don't have permission. #2 Do not hit print directly from the internet until you have selected only what you need and have clicked on the down triangle by the printer icon, "Print Preview", and "As selected on screen" - Ask Mrs. Scroggins - she is happy to teach you how to do this!!!

# Color printing does cost whether it is for class or not. Share/e-mail your document to Mrs. Scroggins and she will send it to the color printer.