PHS Clubs 2019-2020

Art Club          Mrs. Raper & Mr. Moore                      138A

Art club will meet during club time and also on Mondays after school until 3:45. We will be working on both community and personal art projects, making a float for the parade, painting faces for the homecoming bazaar, pottery camp, Souperbowl, etc.

 Club Create                                   Mrs. Scroggins                                            Library

De-stress by Making! The library has lots of supplies for you to use.

 Disc Golf Club                             Mr. Baskin                                                       212C

With this club we go out and develop our abilities in the realm of Disc Golf. With that in mind we also discuss the ideas of being stewards for the environment and taking care of ourselves to better our surroundings. If you have a disc bring it, if not we have some you can borrow.

 Earth  Club                                     Mr. Korte                                                         147B

Conservation Club is an opportunity to get together with others and spend time working to generate excitement and action around the preservation of our resources on a school, community and global level. We will seek to reduce waste from our school, increase opportunities for recycling and to join with organizations in the community to actively enjoy and improve our world.

 Everythings  Peachy              Mr. Franklin                                                   217D

Everythings Peachy is a brand new club that is a re-boot of the old Palisade Newscast. We are producing full new stories about everything that is going on here at Palisade High School, from sports to dances to the things that are impacting students. If youre interested in writing, directing, producing and/or starring in short clips this is your club. Students  will  work  with  various  entities both  inside  and  outside of school to produce news segments and skits, and develop knowledge relating to production.

 FBLA                                                 Ms. Wright                                                220D

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is a local, state and national organization for students who are interested in developing their leadership skills. The purpose of FBLA is to prepare members for careers in business and to assist them bybecoming better employees and citizens. Not sure if you are interested in a business career? That is OKAY! FBLA helps any student develop leadership abilities, strengthen the confidence in themselves and their work , and offers a setting where members compete at regional, state and national levels in business and technology curriculum.

  We travel to conferences in Grand Junction, Vail, Denver, and hopefully after winning at district competition, then state competition, will go to a national convention at a large city in the United States. You have the opportunity to network with students around the state and gain valuable leadership skills that will help you throughout life. There will be fundraisers and participation in community service. Our meetings are on club day and we have an after school activity once per month.

 FCA                                                  Mr. Hoaglund                                            145B

The purpose of FCA is to bring Christian athletes together to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of athletes and coaches. As a club we meet every club day in room 145B, as well as once a month outside of club day for an FCA Night. Other activities include sending kids to summer sports camps, going on retreats, and encouraging students to get involved.

 FCCLA                                               Mrs. Talley                                                185DR

FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) is a national vocational student organization with family as the focus. Members learn leadership skills, participate in fundraising and community service activities, and have opportunities to travel to conferences and compete in State events with potential to travel to Nationals. Students involved in FCCLA often receive scholarship opportunities and have fun.

 FIRST   Robotics   Club             Jason    Bogart                               Off   Campus Students design and build robots to compete in an annually changing competition. Students will learn skills relating to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The club meets at the GJ Makerspace on Tuesdays at 6 pm. Please contact, PHS student, David Montoni-Tiller for further questions.

 Fishing/Fly Fishing Club             Mr. McKee          145B

During fishing club, we would do many things that would improve our knowledge as fishermen/women, as well as getting together with others that enjoy fishing as well. In this club we will learn how to read water, how to tie flies, and learn about the local places to fish and local species and share fishing stories.

rench Club                            Mr. Wallace                                308 W

Do you want to have crepe parties and watch French movies? Do you need time or help learning French? If so, French club is for you! Come to Mr. Wallaces room every Monday during club time for a great time learning, eating great food, and playing fun games!

 Girls up Club                                Mrs. Meinzen                                               323 W

Girl Up Campaign, a United Nations Foundation that works to empower young girls in their own  communities as  well  as developing  countries. Some responsibilities and activities the campaign requires the club to do is host Girl Up activities, fundraise, and just stay active within the community. Once the club is registered, we gain access to tools and resources Girl Up provides such as newsletters and potential prizes.

 Hiking Club                                   Mrs. Caster                                                     197 C

The Hiking Club will meet weekly during club time to plan hikes, test gear, learn orienteering and trail 1st aide skills, and plan club give service learning opportunities such as trail maintenance. This club is open to any and all, no hiking experience necessary.

 Interact Club                                Mr. Wallace & Mrs. Guajardo     307W

Interact is a service oriented club that focuses on serving both our local and global communities. The Interact club works with the Palisade Sunrise Rotary and is recognized by every university for its community support. Some of our projects have included donating water filters in the Dominican Republic, helping orphans in Uganda receive an education, and even providing local support to the Western Slope Center for Children. If you like to provide service to others then this is a club for you. It also looks great on a college resume. If you are interested in a student-led service group please come see us on club days.

Club                                          Mrs. Meinzen                                               204C

Key Club is a student-led, service-focused organization, based, but not limited to, helpingyounger children. It isan international, student-led organization that provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership. Our goal with this club is to collaborate with our CAS group, to use Key Club as a vehicle for funding and support to broaden what we can do with our CAS project(s) - utilizing it to help us complete and encourage others to participate in serviceprojects.

 Knowledge Bowl Team    Ms. Huntley                                                    199C

In teams, students will compete in a Jeopardy-like game of trivia. If interested, students will be able to join the Knowledge Bowl Team that competes with other schools during Saturday tournaments beginning in October.

*Opportunity to join Academic Team, a school sponsored extracurricular activity (treated much like an athletic sport)

 Multicultural  Club                  Mr. Guajardo                                                310 W

The Multicultural Club promotes cultures from around the world to challenge racial stereotypes, and share culturally significant activities with people interested in learning about diversity.

 Live  Above                                     Mrs. McFarlin                                              321 W

Every teens life is filled with pressure, some of it good, some of it bad. Our goal is to help teens stand up to negative pressures and influences. The more aware you are of the influences around you, the better prepared you will be to face them. We want teens who are committed to the Live Above campaign.

 MESA                                                  Mr. Orcutt and Mr. Sargent             197C

MESA (Math, Engineering, and Science Achievement): MESA Clubs goals are to encourage females and ethnic minorities to attend college, and to pursue a degree in math, a science, or engineering. Meetings should probably be held once a week for math or engineering challenges, guest speakers, or to plan college trips.

 Mountain Bike Club               Mr. Walker                                                     198C

If you arent having fun you need to go ride a bike. Join the MTB Club!

When my legs hurt, I say: 'Shut up legs! Do what I tell you to do!'”— Jens Voigt

 Next Generation Politics     Mr. Crowe                                                        322W

NGP is a club dedicated to the discussion and learning of politics on a local, national, and international level. We enjoy speaking about topics so as to become more educated, as well as involving ourselves in political movements we believe are beneficial. If you love politics, or just want to get your feet wet, NGP is the club for you.

RC Club                                           Mr. Kem                                                            189C

We meet on Mondays during club time in Room 189. We talk about, build and drive/fly several types of RCs (Radio Controlled).

Red Cross Club                          Mr. Torfin                                                         209D

Medical awareness club for students interested in the medical and health fields. We will meet and participate in hands-on activities. We will give back to the community and school by learning and informing them of current health issues

 PalisadeSkills                                Mr. Ramunno & Mr. B                           131A

PalisadeSkills is a club of students, teachers and industry representatives working together to ensure our community has a skilled workforce. PalisadeSkills is an organization serving teachers and high schoolstudents who are preparing for careers in technical, skilled and service occupations.

 Ski and Snowboard Club Mr. Baskin & Mr. Torfin                        212C

This club will benefit from Powderhorn Mountain Resorts heavily discounted season pass that is only available to PHS Ski & Snowboard Club members. Powderhorns goal is to build a partnership with PHS giving students an opportunity to build their passion for the sport of skiing or snowboarding at Powderhorn Mountain Resort. Member requirements: Must be a PHS student, $10 membership fee, maintain a 2.5 GPA or better, attend 90% of meetings and participate in fundraising. Benefits of being a club member included: heavily discounted season passes (last years cost was $139), Powderhorn Season Pass holder discounts, ski trips, ski buses to Powderhorn, and the best “bene” is the opportunity to hit the slopes with your fellow snow enthusiasts. Meeting dates will be on Early Release Wednesday starting at 2:20. We will meet once or twice per month.

 Spanish Club                                Mrs. Kemper                                                  309W

Spanish Club focuses on fun activities to teach and experience Spanish culture and language. All people are welcome to come, learn and enjoy.

 Speech and Debate                Mrs. Seremak                             TBD

The goal of the Speech & Debate club is to assist students in bolstering their reading and writing skills in a fun and competitive environment. The Speech & Debate club acts as a precursor to the more intensive (yet, still as fun!) Speech & Debate after-school travel team.

 Tabletop Game Club             Mr. Franklin                                                  217D

This club meets after school once a week to explore the world of tabletop games. The club focuses on gamesmanship, attitude, and having fun. We play Magic the Gathering, Scythe, Guild Ball, War Hammer and tons of other board games.

 Thespian Club                            Ms. VanBenschoten                                AUD

PHS Drama Club: Drama Club meets Wednesdays on the stage. This group is open to anyone interested in acting, backstage roles, or just supporting theatre at PHS. We discuss upcoming theatre events at PHS and the community, and provide opportunities to get involved. We also play theatre games, and work on theatre skills. This club is considered a path for anyone interested in joining the International Thespian Society. Come explore what theatre is all about.