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PHS - Advisory

Advisory Mission

Our mission as Freshmen Advisers is to create and build lasting relationships with our advisory students; relationships that make the student feel comfortable to come to you in a time of need, relationships that make the student feel like they are welcomed and have a sense of belonging. We believe this alone will increase the chances of the student completing their high school education. In addition however, our advisory team will help instill student academic accountability as well as help hone some academic skills. Finally, the advisory team will help the freshman student make the transition from middle school to high school smoother for the student and teach them the importance of getting involved within their school for a better and long lasting high school experience.

Expectations for Advisory Teachers

  • Attendance is mandatory for each student, for the entire (20 min.) Advisory period
    • Early release or full period release is not permitted, except on reward days (Friday)
  • Each student must have an Advisory grade that is updated weekly
    • A ½ elective credit is given for completion and passing of the course
    • Students can receive an A through an F
    • Quarterly grades for students are treated like midterms
    • End of year grade is the final grade for student
    • Service learning hours are no longer a factor in determining credit for the class
  • No tolerance for outstanding attendance problems
    • Contact administration (Dan Bollinger) immediately, they will track the student down
    • There will be consequences for skipping Advisory class (i.e. campus clean up on fun days, study hall after school, etc.)
  • Advisory class is not a hang out time or full week study hall
    • The weekly schedule must be followed (lesson plans are flexible and to your discretion on what needs to be covered)
    • Lessons must be run
  • Model Positive attitude about the Advisory class
    • Remember that you are the students’ mentor
  • Focus on building lasting relationships with your advisory students
    • Build this relationship to last their entire high school career
  • Expect and encourage your students to participate in one or more clubs at PHS
    • Allow some time for students to check the clubs out and see if they are of interest
    • Club time is not free time, if they are not in a club then have them in your room for study hall (optional, to your discretion)

Advisory Class Description

The Advisory Class is a course in which there is a genuine focus on the teacher building a lasting relationship with the freshman student in the class. A relationship where the student feels as if they belong to something, where the student feels that someone is always there for them and where the student has some guidance with academic and social successes. The Advisory class will meet four days a week, where lessons on Perseverance, Attitude, Character and Knowledge in and out of school will be addressed; as well as lessons on specific study habits and skills to help the student succeed in school. One day a week will be devoted to participation with various clubs at Palisade High School. These clubs range from foreign language clubs to business clubs, from construction clubs to art clubs, from math and science clubs to literature clubs. Each student will be expected to participate in at least one club at PHS. Finally, our Advisory curriculum will focus on individual student academic success and with this, will provide a quiet place for students to work on and get help with classes that they need help in; as well as reward those students that are keeping their academic grades above a “C”.

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Citizenship-Tolerance, Grattitude, Etiquette, Cultural Diversity

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