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What is the ICAP?

  • SENATE BILL 09-256 – All students (9th – 12th) will have access to a system within their high school to create and manage an Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP)
  • Each ICAP must include a career planning, guidance, and tracking component
  • Requirements for a student’s ICAP:
    • Documentation of student’s efforts exploring careers. This includes a postsecondary goal, interest surveys, anticipated postsecondary studies
    • Record of student’s academic progress
    • Intentional sequence of courses
    • Relevant assessment scores
    • Student’s plans for and experiences in contextual and service learning
    • Record of college/workforce applications
    • Record of student's progress towards securing financial aid

The 9th Grade Counseling Curriculum…“Exploring Me”

  • Lesson on Graduation/College-entrance Requirements
  • Create Naviance Account
  • Take Cluster Finder
  • Add favorite career clusters from Cluster Finder results
  • Add favorite careers from exploring results
  • Create postsecondary goal, and tasks/steps required each year of high school to meet goal

The 10th Grade Counseling Curriculum…
“Exploring Careers”

  • Review PLAN results – what do scores mean and how does that relate to my postsecondary plans?
  • Take Do What You Are assessment
  • Update postsecondary goal and add at least two “steps” to achieve goal
  • Update Game Plan Survey
  • Add careers to favorites
  • Use College Finder to explore colleges that meet postsecondary goal (student can also find colleges by exploring by career, related majors, colleges with those majors)

The 11th Grade Counseling Curriculum…
“Exploring the Post-Secondary World”

  • Junior Presentation – planning ahead to meet your post-secondary goal, importance of ACT preparation, graduation requirements, college admissions info
  • Update goal if needed, add more tasks/steps
  • Business department (may) teach resume-writing in Computer Applications
  • In Composition 11, student will complete a career/post-secondary research project and present to class, and create a college entrance essay or letter to employer
  • Complete a “college experience” by taking a tour of a campus, meeting with an admissions rep, or doing a virtual tour online, and then complete survey on Naviance
  • ACT Preparation – over the course of the year, or incorporate prep into CSAP days

The 12th Grade Counseling Curriculum…
“Get it Done!”

  • Senior Seminar meetings – what to do to get the most out of your senior year, senior timeline, how to find info on college admissions, scholarships, & financial aid, how to request transcripts & letters of recommendation
  • Free App Week in October – may be tied to Senior Work Day

Update goal, add/adjust tasks for the year

  • Senior Work Day – seniors work on college applications, meet with military personnel, or practice job interview skills with Workforce Center rep
  • Unified Financial Aid Night – presentation in January on FAFSA, scholarships, & career pathways
  • Followed up by Financial Aid Nights at individual high schools, college reps help our students/parents fill out FAFSA