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Academic Options - Off Campus

Academic Options: Palisade High School Student: Off Campus

  • Career Center
    The Career Center provides a hands-on approach to learning basic academic skills in an applied fashion. All learning is career or job-based and provides students the opportunity to gain general work skills and job ethics that will transfer into any vocational areas. Students are placed in a simulated work environment with academic curriculum wrapped around the work lab. In addition to the elective credits that students earn from their Career Center program, some programs offer credits in core content areas. For further information, please visit Career Center’s website at:
  • Western Colorado Community College (WCCC)
    Through a partnership with Mesa County Valley School District 51, qualified juniors and seniors enroll in classes at WCCC and earn credit (elective and some core content cross over credit) toward high school graduation. Bus transportation is provided between District 51 high schools and WCCC. Students do not pay for tuition or textbooks. WCCC’s high school programs provide an application-based curriculum in a hands-on laboratory environment. Classes emphasize both technical skills and academic knowledge. See your counselor if you are interested in exploring WCCC possibilities.
  • Valley Program
    Valley will rekindle interest in education for disengaged, disenchanted students by starting where the student is, addressing weaknesses, strengths, and interests. Valley’s unique structure is designed to address the individual needs of a variety of learners. Enrollment is secured through the home school assistant principals, counselors, or progress monitors.

Academic Options: Non-Palisade High School Student in MCVSD #51

  • R-5 High School
    R-5 is an alternative, three-year (10-12) high school that provides students a positive, self-paced learning environment. The instruction at R-5 is individualized so that each student may enroll and progress at his or her own rate. A student in the program attends 1 post-secondary planning class and 4 academic classes either in the morning or afternoon. Students must be either employed or enrolled in an approved vocational/technical program. Either of these will generate additional credits towards a diploma. You may access the R-5 website via the following link:
  • Grand River Virtual Academy
    The Grand River Virtual Academy is an online school within Mesa County Valley School District #51. Grande River Virtual Academy and K12 give Western Slope students, in kindergarten through 12th grades, the chance to learn in the ways that are right for them. GRVA students will be supported by local teachers and staff who will focus on each child’s potential through an individualized learning plan that evolves as the child grows.