PACK Presentation February 2012

PACK Pamphlet

Running With The Pack


What is Running With The Pack?

The purpose of Running With The Pack is to increase student attendance and spirit at all activities at Palisade High School.  We want to create a true “Home Field/Court Advantage”.

Every event a student attends he/she will earn points.  Students can also earn Bonus Points at events.  How to earn these Bonus Points will be announced at school prior to the event.  For example students might earn bonus points for wearing their “Running With The Pack” t-shirt.  As points are accumulated, DAWGS reward levels are reached.  At each level students will receive a reward.


Every student is automatically a member.  By purchasing an SBA sticker, students will get into all sporting events free, excluding the $1 seat tax at Stocker Stadium.


Rewards will be grade specific.  Rewards for “D” level (200 points) are as follows:  Freshmen:  2 days of extended lunch

Sophomores: 1 day of off campus lunch (Must have passing grades and parent signature) Juniors/Seniors:  1 Day of leaving 10 minutes early at lunch

Reward Levels

                 Reward levels are as follows:

                 “D” level – 200 points

                 “A” level – 500 points

                 “W” level – 800 points

                 “G” level – 1200 points

                 “S” level – 1500 points


The Running with the PACK twitter account is  @PHSRWTP


This is intended for students & staff to follow and get information about upcoming PACK events and special events for earning points.  We are planning a casino night in April so that students who have accumulated points can use them as money to possible earn prizes.